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We can send bare root figs in the European Union countries;  all our varieties are self-fertile, does not require polination.

30 cm plants : 9 euro / plant

50 cm plants : 12 euro / plant

80 cm plants : 15 euro / plant.

Our varieties are:

1) Romanian local green fig  (fruits weigh up to 60 grams , with green bark and white-pink pulp,similar with Adriatic fig)  /30cm/50cm/80cm

Smochin romanesc verde 30-35cm

2) Romanian local yellow fig  (fruits weigh up to 50 grams , with yellow bark and pink pulp.)     /30cm/50cm/80cm

Smochin romanesc galben 30-35cm

2) Romanian local purple fig  (fruits weigh up to 50 grams , with purple bark and reddish pulp)   /30cm/50cm/80cm

Smochin romanesc mov 30-35cm

4) Romanian local small brown-purple fig  “Michurinska10/Florea”  ( (fruits weigh 15-25 grams , with reddish pulp)  /30cm/50cm/80cm

Smochin romanesc de dulceata 30-35cm

 Fig cuttings , ~15 cm long,  with minimum 3 nodes only from all 4 romanian varieties : 2 euro /cutting

*Minimum Order: 30 euro

*Shipping costs: 29 euro

*Delivery only by Romanian Post (7-10 working days)

*Bare root figs and cuttings are packed in plastig bags with wett Chiloe spaghnum moss inside. No risk of  dehydration.

*Prepayment required by: Western Union, Bank Transfer, Skrill or Neteller.

Make your order via email with the desired products! Thank you!

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